About Avansar...

What does Avansar do?

First and foremost, Avansar is a technology company. We provide a wide variety of technology services to our clients ranging from technology needs assesments, all the way through to system installations, and user training.

Avansar is your partner for success in the the integration of business and technology.

What is the background on formation of Avansar?

Founded in Feburary 2003, As a professional services company we are a team of deeply skilled, focused technologists with real-world expertise in building business information systems that focus on reducing costs, and enhancing operational effectiveness.

Avansar was founded by Tim Hansen, who brings over 21 years of experiance working in software development, consulting, and Information Technology. Most recently, prior to founding Avansar, Tim was the Worldwide Systems & Information Manager for Intel Corporation's professional services division.

Where is Avansar located?

We are located 40 miles west of Chicago in Saint Charles, Illinois.

Where did the name Avansar come from?

Our name was created to reflect who we are and what we do. Avansar defined is a verb, meaing "advance". Our mission is to employ advanced technologies that will in return advance your business.

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